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The University of Washington Division of Plastic Surgery matches senior medical students to a six-year, integrated Plastic Surgery program. In the first three years much of the experience will be the same as those for categorical General Surgery residents. The last three years are solely devoted to Plastic Surgery.


The goal of the Plastic Surgery program is to train Plastic Surgeons in all four parts of academic medicine: patient care, medical education, medical research and administration. Since it is not possible to teach all four topics in a few years, the Plastic Surgery program is six years in length.

The Plastic Surgery program, like the Surgery program, utilizes four University affiliated hospitals. In addition, the program for the Division of Plastic Surgery includes a six month rotation in a private office and rotations to a community practice during the first three years. The hospitals include the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC), Harborview Medical Center (HMC), the Seattle Veterans' Administration Puget Sound Health Care System (VA), and Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH).

The University of Washington Burn Center is located at Harborview Medical Center and is also intimately involved in the residency. The Division also participates in the Orthopedic/Plastic Surgery Unified Hand Service.

The Plastic Surgery services at the University of Washington are well supported with in-house Surgery residents. Since it is a goal of the program to keep Surgery residents intimately involved, it is possible and desirable for the Plastic Surgery residents to work simultaneously at two hospitals. Therefore during some rotations, one Plastic Surgery resident is assigned to the Harborview and the VA rotation and the other resident is assigned to the University of Washington Medical Center and Seattle Children's Hospital rotation. Most rotations, however, are at a single institution.

The current practice of Plastic Surgery at each of the hospitals, the private office and community practice provides exposure to general Plastic Surgery. But the practice at each provides unique clinical exposure as well. Plastic Surgeons at the University of Washington Medical Center are involved primarily in aesthetic, breast, trunk and microsurgery. Clinical care at Harborview includes maxillofacial trauma, hand trauma, injuries to lower extremities and the trunk, burns, and microsurgery. The practice at the VA is very general and includes most aspects of Plastic Surgery except pediatric and acute trauma. Activities at Children's include congenital anomalies of the head and neck and other aspects of pediatric Plastic Surgery.

To Apply:

Applicants are only accepted when registered through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) and from the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Follow the instructions at the NRMP website:

Our program match number is: 1918362C0. Application materials required by the Division of Plastic Surgery and submitted through E.R.A.S. are:

Common Application Form
Personal Statement
Medical School Transcript
Dean's Letter
Letters of Recommendation (minimum of 3)
Documentation of USMLE Scores (minimum of Step 1)

For More Information:

Click here for a Full Description of the Plastic Surgery Residency Program

Please contact the Residency Program Manager noted in the sidebar on the far right side of this page.

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Administrative Offices (HMC)
329 Ninth Ave
Box 359796
Room 7EH-70
Seattle, WA 98104-9796

Administrative Offices (UWMC)
1959 NE Pacific
Box 356410
Room BB487
Seattle, WA 98195-6410

Chief of Plastic Surgery
Nicholas Vedder, MD

Mark Cumpston, MHA
Email: mjc35@uw.edu

Assistant to the Chief
Joan Rosenberger
Email: joan09@uw.edu



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Residency Program

Plastic Surgery Residency

Program Contacts
Jeffrey Friedrich, MD, Director

Mark J. Cumpston, Manager
206-744-3656 (Fax)
Email: mjc35@uw.edu

Mailing Address
Mail Stop #359796
Harborview Medical Center
325 9th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104


Burn Surgical Critical Care Fellowship

Program Contacts
Tam N. Pham, MD, FACS
Assistant Program Director

Ann Haven
Co-Program Manager
Email: burnadmn@uw.edu

Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship

Program Contacts
Richard Hopper, MD, Director

Tiffany McCullough, Manager
Email: tiffany.mccullough@

Hand Surgery Fellowship

Program Contacts
Trixie Rombouts, Manager
Email: btrxe@uw.edu
More Information >>

Microvascular Surgery Fellowship

Program Contacts
Hakim K. Said, MD, Director

Nadia Gavrilenko, Manager
Email: nadia9@uw.edu 

Mailing Address
Please use Plastic Surgery UWMC Admin address.

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