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  • Dr. Alexander Clowes Receives SVS Lifetime Achievement Award

    Dr. Alexander Clowes, Professor, Division of Vascular Surgery, received the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is the highest honor that the SVS bestows on one of its members. Selection for this honor recognizes an individual’s outstanding and sustained contributions both to the profession and to SVS, as well as exemplary professional practice and leadership. Numerous nominations were received citing Dr. Clowes’ many contributions and “unparalleled impact on the art and science of vascular disease management.” All nominations noted his receipt of the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) Merit Award and his influence on vascular science for years to come through the training and inspiration of young vascular scientists. The award will be presented during the SVS Awards Ceremony at the 2015 Vascular Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. Read More
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The Division of Vascular Surgery recognizes three inter-related major goals: Clinical Excellence, Education, and Research. The primary goal of the Division of Vascular Surgery is to provide the highest quality medical care to patients with a broad variety of vascular problems, including arterial, venous, and lymphatic disease.

The Division of Vascular Surgery supports a broad range of clinical and basic science research programs. Current clinical research activities include long-term studies of carotid artery atherosclerosis, renal artery stenosis, lower extremity bypass grafts, and using duplex ultrasound. In the realm of basic science, research activities are focusing on mechanisms of healing in the arterial wall, and pharmacological control of the vascular response to injury.

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VAS Team Photo 2015
Front row (left to right): John Blanchard, Sarasi Desikan, (R3), Elina Quiroga, Sherene Shalhub, Susanna Shin, Nam Tran, Derek Nathan, Daiva Nevidomskyte, (R5), Benjamin W. Starnes, R. Eugene Zierler, Danielle Slota, Joseph Meno, Billi Tatum, and Wendy Hamar

Back row (left to right): Thomas Hatsukami, Lindsay Waterman, Julieann Marshall, April Rodriguez, (R4), Mark Meissner, Anthony Pirot, Ty Garland, Shahram Aarabi, (R6), Ted Kohler, Michael Sobel, Sara Stack, Sarah Whitehead, Niten Singh, Matthew Sweet, Anne Long, Felix Vladimir, John Arthur, and Jamil Matthews, (R2)

Not Pictured: Brenda Allen, Anna Ohlsson, (R1), and Gale Tang

Starnes Benjamin2011

The Vascular Surgery Division has experienced unprecedented growth in volume over the past years due to a combination of an aging population and new, minimally invasive treatment options. READ MORE >>
• Benjamin Starnes, MD, Chief

Vascular Division Central Academic Office
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Chief of Vascular Surgery
Benjamin Starnes, MD

Joseph Meno, MBA
Email: jmeno@uw.edu



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