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University of Washington faculty surgeons maintain the highest standard of patient care. The academic medical center fosters cooperation between different medical disciplines, so you get the most complete picture of your health, and the best treatment.

If you come to University of Washington for surgical care, you can expect:

Top-notch medical care.

World-class faculty doctors are supported by health care teams including residents and fellows continuing their specialty training, and other healthcare professionals. You are treated by surgeons familiar with the latest techniques, who have alliances through other healthcare disciplines to bring you the finest collaborative treatment.

Help to guide you through the maze.

Staff will guide you through consultations, help you with insurance and medical records, and coordinate planning for any necessary surgery.

Your doctor stays in the loop.

Our referral specialists ensure close communication between treating and referring physicians. Your assigned referral specialist / patient care coordinator will track and aide the process of consultation, diagnosis, and treatment at UW, and ensure that the transition back to your own physician is a smooth one.

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