Matthew Bartek, MD, MPH

Dr. Matthew Bartek



Newton, MA

Undergraduate School:

Dartmouth College

Medical School:

University of Massachusetts

Resident Bio:

I’m from Boston, went to college in New Hampshire, medical school and public health school in Massachusetts and have lived in Washington, DC, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Peru in the interim. I’m passionate about the intersections of public health and surgery. I came to UW because of its excellent clinical training, open support for global surgery, and, most of all, because of the co-residents whom I met that are an integral part of the training experience. In addition, I love Seattle-mountains on three sides, ocean, islands, etc.

Personal Interests:

Skiing, guitar, biking, technology, spending time with my family

Clinical Interests:

Minimally Invasive Surgery General Surgery

Professional Activities:

T32 Research Fellow at SORCE


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