Lindsay Dickerson, MD

Dr. Lindsay Dickerson


Los Gatos, CA

Medical School:

Johns Hopkins

Resident Bio:

I’m from Los Gatos, California, and attended Stanford where I played goalkeeper for the soccer team and studied neuroscience/psychology and Spanish. After deciding to pursue medicine over a soccer career, I headed east to Johns Hopkins where seeing my first Whipple sealed the deal for general surgery. My clinical and research interests include HPB and surgical oncology, surgical palliative care, and patient-centered outcomes research. I’m grateful to be at UW where I’m challenged every day to be a better surgeon and doctor, supported and appreciated by co-residents and faculty, and less than an hour drive from a lake to swim in, mountain to ski, or summit to hike.

Personal Interests:

Running, camping, hiking, playing soccer/basketball, baking, and watching live music

Clinical Interests:

Hepatopancreaticobiliary, surgical oncology

Professional Activities:

Department of Surgery Wellness Committee
Women in Surgery Interest Group

Why UW?

I chose UW for many reasons. First, the combination of academic surgical/research training and trauma/community surgery experience is one of the best in the country. Second, our leadership, faculty, and residents genuinely prioritize wellness and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Third, our faculty are approachable, supportive, and inspiring, and my co-residents have become some of my best friends, which means I get to look forward to coming to work. And finally, I love Seattle!

What advice do you have for incoming interns?

Try to do something each day that: makes you smile, that makes someone else smile, and that gets you out of your comfort zone. Even on the hardest days, you can feel proud if you did your best to take care of your patients and take care of yourself.

What do you like best about living in Seattle?

I love Seattle because there are endless opportunities for outdoor fun within an hour’s drive — kayaking, swimming, trail running, watching winning sports teams, camping, mountaineering, skiing/snowboarding, wine/beer/whiskey tasting, fishing, rock climbing, cycling, sailing, island hopping, and even whale watching! And at night or on a rainy day, there’s an awesome food and music scene.


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