Jonathan Gatto, MD

Dr. Jonathan Gatto

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Undergraduate School:

University of California-Davis

Medical School:

University of California-Los Angeles

Resident Bio:

I grew up in Northern California just east of the bay area and stayed close to home for my undergraduate studies at the University of California-Davis. After working in ophthalmology for several years, I started medical school at the University of California-Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine where my passion for surgery was fostered. I chose the University of Washington for my general surgery internship because of the obvious support given to the residents and the diverse early surgical experience. My fiancee and I are excited to explore Seattle and its breathtaking landscape.

Personal Interests:

Musician tenor saxophone, guitar, percussion, physical fitness: obstacle course racing, Olympic weightlifting, competitive Rubix speedcubing

Clinical Interests:

Trauma, vascular, orthopedic surgery

Professional Activities:

David Geffen School of Medicine: medical education fellowship, COVID-19 testing volunteer


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