Alison Haruta, MD

Dr. Alison Haruta




Medical School:

University of Washington

Resident Bio:

I was born and raised in Seattle, spent 4 years on the east coast for undergrad, then came back for med school and stayed for residency. I am planning on a trauma/critical care fellowship after graduation.

Personal Interests:

Hiking, snacking, rock climbing, arts and crafts. Tortured follower of Seattle sports, and casual observer of Michigan football.

Clinical Interests:

Trauma Surgery/Critical Care, Palliative Care, Surgical Education

Professional Activities:

ACS Resident Member
Women in Surgery Mentorship Program

Why UW?

I stayed at UW because I loved all the people I met as a med student. I feel so lucky to train with such talented people who are always there to support me and bring me snacks. There are amazing clinical opportunities from trauma to specialty cancer care to research but I think the community is what makes it so special.

What advice do you have for incoming interns?

0.38 pens

What do you like best about living in Seattle?

Mountains, mountains, beer, coffee, mountains


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