Andrew Ludwig, MD

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Gaithersburg, Maryland

Undergraduate School:

Rice University

Medical School:

University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio

Resident Bio:

I grew up quick with three older brothers in a suburb of Washington, D.C. I headed westward to Texas for college (Rice University), a stint in basic science research (Texas Childrens Hospital), graduate school (UT-Houston), and medical school (UTHSC-San Antonio). My manifest destiny carried me to Seattle with my wife, Alison. Shortly after my arrival here, my daughter Lucy was born (welcome to intern year, here’s a baby!). Since then, I have been slowly recovering, with the help of the beautiful PNW.

Personal Interests:

Enjoying the outdoors with my family, enjoying the indoors wood working.

Clinical Interests:

Colorectal Surgery, Colon, Rectal, and Liver Cancer, Wound Infections


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