Marfo, Chris

Chris Marfo, MD, MBA

Portrait photo of Dr. Chris Marfo


Tema, Ghana

Graduate School:

Rutgers University

Medical School:

Yale University


I was born and raised in Ghana where I attained my early education. I Immigrated to the U.S. during my junior year of high school and completed my high school in Plainfield NJ before pursuing a BS degree in Biotechnology at Rutgers University. I completed my medical and business school education at Yale University, and I am currently here for surgical residency. I chose general surgery due to the diverse clinical opportunities and I have not been disappointed. I am also interested in the intersection of medicine and business and how this affect decision making and delivery of care. I have enjoyed my training, the opportunity to interact with staff and students and the ambiance of the Pacific Northwest.

Personal Interests:

Soccer, basketball and lifting

Clinical Interests:

Global Health, hepatobiliary, cardiothoracic


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