Courtney Orsbon, MD, PhD

Dr. Courtney Orsbon



Charlotte, NC

Undergraduate School:

Duke University

Medical School:

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Resident Bio:

After growing up and going to college in North Carolina, I went to medical and graduate school in Chicago. Though I did not decide to do so until halfway through my M3 year, I am pursuing plastic and reconstructive surgery to apply my biomechanical training to alleviate suffering for those with all types of deformities as a surgeon-scientist. I am grateful for the opportunity to train with such exceptional residents and faculty as well as to live in Seattle with all of its outdoor adventures, musical history, and amazing food. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve my childhood dream of seeing an orca in the wild!

Personal Interests:

Date nights with my husband and spending time with friends; our two cats and multiple species of fish and too many plants; science fiction/fantasy, archery, hiking/camping, grunge/rock music, museums.

Clinical Interests:

Trauma, head and neck reconstruction, craniofacial surgery

Professional Activities:

Ad hoc peer review


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