Y. David Seo, MD




Los Gatos, CA

Undergraduate School:

Harvard University

Medical School:

University of Michigan

Resident Bio:

Dave Seo was born originally in South Korea but moved to the U.S. at age 11. He has attended schools across the country, completing a bachelors degree in Biology at Harvard University, followed by a short stint in management consulting in Washington DC, and finally completing medical school at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has a strong clinical interest in surgical oncology with a focus on translational research. He recently completed his research fellowship years studying the effects of combination immunotherapies on organotypic models of human pancreatic cancer, as well as analyzing phase 1 trial data of a novel intra-tumoral TLR4-agonist injection in the setting of metastatic soft tissue sarcomas.

Personal Interests:

Music (playing guitar, clarinet)
Hiking and backpacking
Fishing for salmon; fishing for anything

Clinical Interests:

Surgical oncology, Hepato-pancreatobiliary surgery, Immunology


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