Isaac Stein, MD

Dr. Isaac Stein



Kalamazoo, MI

Undergraduate School:

Washington University in St. Louis

Medical School:

University of Michigan

Resident Bio:

I grew up in Kalamazoo, MI in a pretty simple midwestern town. I attended Washington University in St. Louis and studied Biology/Neuroscience while playing tennis. For medical school I returned home to the University of Michigan which provided a wonderful springboard and support for a budding interest in Plastic surgery. For residency, I pointed myself west and was fortunate to match at the University of Washington. Over the last 5 years, Seattle has become home and a place for academic and personal interests to flourish. I enjoy spending as much time as possible exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wife and friends. I’m grateful for the family atmosphere of our UW program, the world-class training, and the wonderful balance it provides to everyday life.

Personal Interests:

Downhill skiing, back-country skiing, hiking, camping, photography, travel

Clinical Interests:

Extremity trauma reconstructive plastic surgery, oncologic reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery


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