Nikki Thrikutam, MD

Dr. Nikki Thrikutam


Plano, TX

Graduate School:

University of Texas at Austin

Medical School:

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


I was born in Bangalore, India, and moved to Dallas, TX when I was 2 years old. In medical school, I had the fortuitous opportunity to shadow a plastic surgeon and fell in love with the wide scope and creativity inherent to this wonderful specialty. I am also interested global health and completed a Masters in Public Health during medical school. I focused my studies on global health policy and hope to make public health and health policy a major part of my practice in the future. When I’m not working, I enjoy being outdoors-running, biking, hiking or playing with my dog. I am grateful to be a member of the UW Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency program because of the diversity of clinical experiences it offers, the incredibly warm and welcoming residents, and the supportive faculty who encourage both professional and personal growth.

Personal Interests:

Running, hiking, biking, reading, baking, traveling, hanging out with friends, family and my puppy

Clinical Interests:

Microsurgery, extremity reconstruction, cancer reconstruction, trauma reconstruction


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