Woode, Denzel

Denzel Woode, MD

Dr. Denzel Woode


Gaithersburg, MD

Graduate School:

Columbia University: Columbia College

Medical School:

Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons


I went to high school in Montgomery County, Maryland, and attended undergrad and medical school at Columbia University in NYC. I was a track and field runner from high school, and ran for 4 years on Columbia’s Varsity Track and Field team, running the 800m. During medical school, I was involved with translational research in pulmonary disease, clinical research in vascular surgery, and played on our medical school’s Rugby team. I was also involved in developing ways to discuss the effects of healthcare disparities, socioeconomic bias, and racial bias in the teaching and practice of medicine. UW General Surgery has the resources and expertise for me to continue to build on my personal interests, and amazing co-residents who have given me the support I need to learn and grow in residency.

Personal Interests:

Running, basketball, and music

Clinical Interests:

Trauma/Critical Care


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