Dr. Giana Davidson and Research Team Awarded the Donaghue Foundation’s Greater Value Portfolio Grant

Portrait photo of Dr. Giana Davidson

Dr. Giana Davidson

Dr. Giana Davidson, Associate Professor and Section Chief for Emergency General Surgery, has received funding from The Donaghue Foundation, expanding the current AHRQ funded Pharmacy Integrated Transitions (PIT) R01 Randomized Trial. While the PIT program aims to improve coordination between hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) by decreasing medication–related problems, this new funding will incorporate the narrative voice of Spanish speaking patients and focus on the transition failures that drive disparate outcomes.

Dr. Davidson says, “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with this multidisciplinary team and the Donaghue Foundation. This ancillary funding centers those that are at highest risk for errors in communication—even when we follow current best practice guidelines, we are failing to take care of people in our communities.” Dr. Mariam Hantouli, a co–investigator and research faculty in the Department of Surgery stated, “This funding allows for mixed methodology that focuses on patient experience and centers equity in development of implementation guidelines and future interventions.”