Dr. Scott Brakenridge published in JAMA Network Open

Portrait photo of Dr. Scott Brakenridge

Dr. Scott Brakenridge

Dr. Scott Brakenridge, Associate Professor, Trauma Burn & Critical Care, published “Evaluation of a Multivalent Transcriptomic Metric for Diagnosing Surgical Sepsis and Estimating Mortality Among Critically Ill Patients” in JAMA Network Open. This research shows a single genomic blood test can accurately diagnose sepsis and predict 30-day mortality in critically ill surgical patients. Dr. Brakenridge shares, “This project is exciting because for the first time we are able to take the deep, mechanistic disease data that we can obtain from genomic analysis of patient’s immune system to make real-time, clinically relevant diagnostic and therapeutic decisions in septic patients.  This is being made possible by academic/industry collaborations which have advanced technology to the point that we can now get genomic data on individual patients in minutes to hours, rather than days to weeks. Within the next year, we hope to be participating in studies here at UW utilizing a point of care genomic device that can give clinicians diagnostic and prognostic data for acutely ill patients in less than one hour.”


Published Tuesday, July 12, 2022