Welcome Dr. Steven Lee

Portrait photo of Dr. Steven Lee

Dr. Steven Lee

The Department of Surgery welcomes Dr. Steven Lee as our new Chief of the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) and UW Department of Surgery in February 2023.

Dr. Lee completed his general surgery training at University of California, Davis, and is well–acquainted with our program as he completed his pediatric surgery fellowship here 18 years ago. Dr. Lee initially served as chief of pediatric surgical services for the Kaiser system in Southern California and was recruited to the UCLA System 13 years ago. He initially served as Chief of Pediatric Surgery and Associate Program Director for Harbor–UCLA and then Chief of Pediatric Surgery and Surgeon–in–Chief of UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital since 2018. Dr. Lee is well–known as an outstanding clinical surgeon, dedicated surgical educator, and accomplished clinician–researcher. He recently received an Executive Master of Business Administration from UCLA School of Management and brings added knowledge and experience of business and management to support our division, department, and SCH. Dr. Lee has presented a thoughtful vision for pediatric surgery and a commitment to grow and support our faculty, the programs at SCH and UW Medicine, and the patients we serve in the Pacific Northwest.