Surgery Synopsis | Summer 2023

Surgery Synopsis 2023 Summer Issue Cover

This issue of Surgery Synopsis is our education issue, in which we celebrate our residents and fellows who have completed their training and we welcome our new trainees. We’re always happy to see our graduates begin their careers, knowing they have been well-trained. But we’re sad as well. We worked side by side for years…

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Prowess, persistence yield first-anywhere heart procedure

Cardiologists at the UW Medicine Heart Institute recently performed a first-in-the-world procedure, detaching and retrieving a clip device from a patient’s mitral valve and placing a replacement biologic valve — all through a catheter. Previously this sequence of tasks had been performed only via open surgery. The patient, John Steenmeyer, 76, of Bellingham, Wash., was…

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Dr. Douglas Wood Honored for Role in Developing Cancer Guidelines

Portrait photo of Dr. Douglas Wood

Dr. Douglas Wood, chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine, received the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s (NCCN) 2023 Rodger Winn Award for decades of work to develop, refine and promote the organization’s Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology. The award, named to honor the first leader of the NCCN guidelines, was conferred on Wood for his…

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Surgery Synopsis | Spring 2023

Welcome to our 2023 spring edition of Surgery Synopsis. The Department of Surgery has a tripartite mission: Patient Care, Research and Education. Each of these areas is an essential part of academic surgery and critical to fulfilling our mission to “provide compassionate and high-quality patient care, train future generations of surgical leaders and conduct research…

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Dr. Raymond Yeung Receives 2023 Distinguished Alumnus Award

Dr. Raymond Yeung accepting the 2023 Department of Surgery Distinguished Faculty Award at the 28th Annual Helen and John Schilling Lecture.

Raymond Sze Wang Yeung was born in Hong Kong, the second youngest of four siblings. He resided in Hong Kong until his middle childhood when the Cultural Revolution in mainland China forced many to flee and his family immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Settling in North York, Dr. Yeung quickly adapted to his new life and…

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Drs. Russell Ettinger and Shane Morrison

Portrait photo of Drs. Russell Ettinger and Shane Morrison

The term gender identity refers to how an individual identifies themselves with regard to gender—an intrinsic sense of “self.” For many individuals (cis individuals), their intrinsic gender identity aligns with the sex assigned at birth. However, there are individuals (trans and non–binary) whose gender identity does not align with their sex assigned at birth. The…

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Dr. Giana Davidson and Research Team Awarded the Donaghue Foundation’s Greater Value Portfolio Grant

Dr. Giana Davidson

Dr. Giana Davidson, Associate Professor and Section Chief for Emergency General Surgery, has received funding from The Donaghue Foundation, expanding the current AHRQ funded Pharmacy Integrated Transitions (PIT) R01 Randomized Trial. While the PIT program aims to improve coordination between hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) by decreasing medication–related problems, this new funding will incorporate…

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