Healthcare Simulation Science Projects and Offerings

Simulator Development

MoHSES Advanced Modular Manikin image

MoHSES (Advanced Modular Manikin)

The MoHSES™(Modular Healthcare Simulation and Education System) project is a collaborative effort between the Department of Defense, UW CREST and industry producers to create a standardized blueprint for developing segmented body parts that can universally join together, forming one multi-purpose manikin to fit the needs of any desired scenario.

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MoHSES Advanced Modular Manikin image

Airway Intervention Trainers

In partnership with the US Department of Defense, CREST has been working to advance the state of Airway Intervention Trainers.

These tools are focused on intubation, cricothyrotomy, needle decompression and chest tube insertion aimed at training combat medics, first responders and the healthcare field.

Utilizing our lab capabilities, trainers are lifelike, allowing for the look, feel and natural difficulties of the procedures.