Photo credit: KOMO News

by Keith Eldridge, KOMO News—Tuesday, May 30th 2017

A picture of KOMO News reporter Keith Eldrige’s heart (pictured left) taken on May 30, 2015 showed a 95% blockage to his left main artery.

It is the area known as the “widow maker,” and almost did him in. With quick action by first responders and the cardiac team, he survived after an open heart, double bypass surgery.

The key people who rushed Keith to the hospital were the emergency medical technicians from Tri-Med Ambulance. The last time he saw the ambulance crew he was flat on his back on a stretcher.

Keith credits his survival to a quick diagnosis from Dr. Sumeet Subherwal, staff at Valley Medical Center, the heart surgery itself with Dr. Nahush Mokadam, (pictured right), and staff at University of Washington Medical CenterRead more >>