Strauss Lecture Chronology

2021 DR. HENRI FORD, Coral Gables, "The Imperative for Diversity in Academic Surgery" View video >>

2020 DR. EDWIN E. CORNWELL, Washington, DC, "Outcomes Disparities in Trauma Care: Who, When, Why" View video >>

2019 DR. VALERIE W. RUSCH, New York, "The Thoracic Surgeon in 2030: A Paradigm for Surgical Evolution"

2018 DR. JONATHAN WOODSON, Boston, "Preparing Surgeons to Operate in a VUCA World (or Why Surgeons Should Embrace Chaos Theory)"

2017 DR. ANDREA L. PUSIC, New York, "Patient-Reported Outcomes in Surgery: Improving Clinical Care and Quality" View video >>

2016 DR. ROBERT S.D. HIGGENS, Baltimore, "Surgery in the Next Millennium...Honoring The Past and Creating a Sustainable Future Now"

2015 DR. THOMAS M. KRUMMEL, Stanford, "The Best Way to Predict the Future…Is to Invent It"

2014 DR. MARCO PATTI, Chicago, "From the Odyssey to Present Times: Role of Mentoring in the Academic World"

2013 DR. THOMAS RUSSELL, San Francisco, "Better Health, Better Care, Lower Cost"

2012 DR. MICHAEL J. ZINNER, Boston, "Evolution of Health Care in America: Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Going?"

2011 DR. BRUCE L. GEWERTZ, Los Angeles, "What Patients Expect From Their Doctors: And How We Can Give it to Them"

2010 DR. JEFFREY L. PONSKY, Cleveland, "The Evolution of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: The Impact on General Surgery"