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Dr. John Monu

Dr. John Monu

(May 2021) Dr. John Monu, Chief Resident, General Surgery, published "Psychological Traits and the Persuasiveness of Lung Cancer Screening Health Messages" in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery.

"Lung cancer screening has been proven to save lives, yet it remains underutilized," said Dr. Monu. "In a prior study, we learned that individuals eligible for lung cancer screening are primarily interested in learning more about screening before deciding to be screened. By combining knowledge from the field of psychology that examines personality and its effects on decision-making, we assessed screen-eligible individuals' preferences related to lung cancer screening image advertisements. We found that advertisements that focus on the "big picture" and the benefits of lung cancer screening were most persuasive. This knowledge can be used to guide the design of more effective communications that inform our eligible patients about lung cancer screening.

I am fortunate to have world-class researchers and experts in various fields here at UW. Our study relied on a strong collaboration with Professor of Marketing at the UW Foster School of Business, Dr. Nidhi Agrawal. Being able to draw on her expertise allowed us to explore a unique approach to studying ways in which we can improve our communication as health care providers."