Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Department of Surgery recognizes the professional achievements and humanitarian services of our resident alumni. Each year we honor an alumnus with the Annual Department Distinguished Alumnus Award which is presented during the Henry N. Harkins Society banquet in September.

In selecting the Distinguished Alumnus, nominations are solicited from all alumni, faculty, staff, residents and fellows. Professional or humanitarian contributions that have enhanced the surgical profession, improved the welfare of the general public, or brought distinction to the department are considered. These contributions may have been made either over a long period of time or may be a single outstanding achievement. Both academic and nonacademic achievements are eligible.

Any physician who has completed his or her residency or fellowship training at the UW Department of Surgery is eligible for nomination and consideration. All department faculty, staff, residents and alumni are solicited on an annual basis to submit nominations of those who deserve recognition.

For further information, please contact our Distinguished Alumnus Award Committee c/o UWHarkins@gmail.com or call 206-543-9668.

Distinguished Alumnus

2023 Dr. Nicholas Vedder 1991
2022 Dr. Nicole Gibran
2021 award not issued
2020 award not issued
2019 Dr. Valerie Rusch 1980
2018 Dr. Sharmila Dissanaike 2007
2017 Dr. Maureen Kim Lynch 1989
2016 Dr. Eileen Bulger 1999
2015 Dr. Thomas Hatsukami 1987
2014 award not issued
2013 award not issued
2012 Dr. Karen Guice
Dr. Keith Oldham
2011 Dr. Michael Florence 1980
2010 Dr. Hugh M. Foy 1983
2009 Dr. David R. Byrd 1987
2008 Dr. Mika N. Sinanan 1988
2007 Dr. John H.T. Waldhausen 1994
2006 award not issued
2005 Dr. Ronald V. Maier 1978
2004 Dr. J. Roland Folse 1967
2003 Dr. D. Eugene Strandness, Jr. 1964
2002 Dr. Robert W. Barnes 1970
2001 Dr. Roger Moe 1964
2000 Dr. Keith Kelly 1965
1999 Dr. Lloyd Nyhus 1956
1998 Dr. Robert Condon 1965
1997 Dr. Hilding Olson 1951