Dr. Joe Gruss

Like those great, iconic athletes who only require one name (e.g., Lebron, Tiger, Kobe), we all know him simply as, “Joe.”  Incredibly, he is retiring from clinical surgery.

For those who have had the pleasure to operate with Joe or watch him operate, we can all attest that he really is a world-class craniofacial and plastic surgeon.  He is that perfect combination of great creative thinking and planning, outstanding technical skill, exquisite judgment, and fearless demeanor.

Joe arrived here more than 25 years ago, and built our Craniofacial Program into one of the world’s finest, through collaboration with our neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, anesthesiologists, craniofacial pediatricians, and others.

Joe has been honored all over the world for his contributions to craniofacial surgery. He has inspired many plastic surgery residents and fellows to become craniofacial surgeons.  He will be impossible to replace, but he does leave behind a group of colleagues whom he has trained and influenced. Thus, the program will still be great, just missing one of its superstars.

Although Joe loves golf, he will serve as an Emeritus Professor of Surgery, and thus may occasionally come off the golf course to help teach and mentor – we hope often!

Please join me in congratulating Joe for a truly sensational career.  Thank you, Joe for all of the lives that you have improved here and around the world. You are the best.

Submitted by Dr. Bob Sawin (Surgeon-in-Chief) and Jeff Avansino, MD, MBA (Associate Surgeon-in-Chief)