Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship

This fellowship program is non-ACGME and non-accredited. The microsurgery fellowship is based on a large clinical referral base from five states and 25% of the area of the United States. The program was started in 2009 and graduated its first fellow in 2010. The fellowship educational experience is intrinsically linked to the UW Medicine Center for Reconstructive Surgery, a multi-disciplinary team with coordinated clinical and academic activities. This is a fellowship in elective microsurgery. Replants are not included. All applicants should review Washington state licensing requirements on the Washington Department of Health website to ensure they meet the criteria for obtaining a Washington state medical license. Please visit Washington State Department of Health Licensing Requirements for more information about WA state licensing requirements.

Graduates of the program will have been exposed to diagnosing and peri-operative care of a large clinical volume of both pediatric and adult reconstructive problems. The goal of the program is to train individuals to be competent in all aspects of microsurgery. The fellowship experience is approximately 95% adult and 5% pediatric.

Names and Current Positions of our fellows in the past 11 years:

2020 Stephen Viviano

2019 Rana Farhadi
University of Edinburgh Medical School

2018 Minh Bao Mundschenk
Kaiser, Sacramento

2017 William Schmitt
Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle

2016 Theodore A. Kung
University of Michigan

2015 Marie-Pascale Tremblay-Champagne
Université de Montréal, Canada

2014 Manish Champaneria
Scripps, San Diego

2013 Alex Gougoutas
University of Washington

2012 Julie Holding
University of Kansas

2011 Ethan Larson
University of Arizona

2010 James Edwards
Providence Health System-Mill Creek Washington

2009 Kah Woon Leo
Singapore General Hospital

Number of surgeons the fellow will operate with at least every two weeks: 5
Number of hospital sites where this position performs elective cases: 3

Average number of OR day blocks the fellows will attend per week: 3
Average number of clinics that the fellow will attend per week: 1.5

Case components of fellowship:

Free Flaps >300

Complex Non-Microsurgical Reconstruction 50

Nerve Repairs 15

Head and Neck 30

Breast Implant Reconstruction 100

Autologous Tissue Breast Reconstruction 300

Facial Re-animation 15

Specialty cases include functioning muscle transfer for facial re-animation