February 2018

Dr. Anne Ehlers, general surgery chief resident, received the American College of Surgeons’ (ACS) 2017 Rising Star award. Dr. Ehler’s name was put forth for this award by American College of Surgeons Professional Association PAC (ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC) Board members Drs. Ron Maier, professor and chief of trauma, burn & critical care, surgeon-in-chief, Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington and Mika Sinanan, professor, division of general surgery, University of Washington. This award is in recognition for Dr. Ehler’s work to advance the College’s advocacy and political efforts.

The ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC is governed by an appointed executive board which aims to support an advocacy agenda for surgeons and their patients across specialty lines. Through an interactive grassroots, educational and political investment program, ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC and its members provide financial support to candidates for Congress who will serve as champions for surgery’s legislative and health policy priorities on Capitol Hill. ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC was established by the ACSPA in October 2002.