Carlos PellegriniOctober 28, 2019

Dr. Carlos Pellegrini, Professor Emeritus, former UW Medicine Chief Medical Officer, and UW Vice President for Medical Affairs, presented the European Surgical Association’s (ESA) Honorary Member Lecture at its annual meeting in May 2019. The lecture was published this week in the Annals of Surgery. The lecture, “Achieving Mastery in the Practice of Surgery” outlines 10 principles of becoming a master surgeon and covers thought-provoking topics such as the ability to develop and lead a high-performing team; a clear focus on patient-centered care; the ability to train, teach, and learn; championing quality of care; embracing professionalism; and more.

Dr. Pellegrini states, “Traditionally, the training of surgeons has focused on the development of the technical aspects related to the performance of an operation, and on acquiring knowledge regarding disease processes, diagnosis and management. Starting in 1993 and working with the residency program directors and the faculty we expanded the focus of our efforts to train residents also in the many non-technical aspects that play such an important role in the outcome of surgery. Our department has, since, led the nation in its focus on developing ‘the total person/surgeon.’ This article reflects the philosophical basis for that approach.”

“Dr. Pellegrini might have retired from UW Medicine, but he is far from retired!” expresses Dr. Douglas Wood, The Henry N. Harkins Professor and Chair, UW Department of Surgery. “He continues to teach, to coach, and to have a broad impact in medicine that benefits the people and the health systems that he touches. And the honors also keep coming. Honorary membership in ESA is a singular honor for an American surgeon, and his lecture in becoming a master surgeon is a level of accomplishment that Dr. Pellegrini models every day, and that all of us in surgery aspire to.”