Dr. Douglas E. Wood—New Department of Surgery Chair

After one year, the UW Medicine Chair search committee concluded its nationwide search for the Department of Surgery. Paul. G. Ramsey, MD, CEO, UW Medicine, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Washington announced on December 5, 2016, that he received a recommendation from the Chair search committee and has initiated discussions with Dr. Doug Wood to ask him to serve as chair of the Department of Surgery. Dr. Ramsey thanked all committee members for the careful, comprehensive national search they conducted. “I believe Dr. Wood is exceptionally well–qualified for this position, and I hope my discussions with him will result in his appointment as chair of the department.”

Dr. Ramsey also thanked all members of the Department of Surgery for their commitment to excellence in patient care, scholarship and teaching and expressed his appreciation for all the Department of Surgery does to advance the UW Medicine mission of improving the health of the public.

Excerpt from letter by Dr. Paul G. Ramsey, CEO, UW Medicine and
Dean of the School of Medicine, Dean of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine


Photo credit: Michael Hilleary/Department of Surgery