Esophageal Research Fellowship

The University of Washington's Esophageal Research Fellowship is an integral component of The Center for Videoendoscopic Surgery (CVES). CVES is dedicated to the study, research, and minimally invasive surgical treatment of esophageal and other foregut diseases. The mission of CVES is to provide leadership in diagnostic innovation, research, training and education, and the clinical practice of esophageal surgery.  The key components of CVES are outlined in the diagram below:

CVES Diagram

cves-pellegrini-elschlagerThe faculty and staff of CVES have a wealth of experience and expertise in esophageal conditions and surgical treatments. We are committed to investigating the physiology, pathophysiology, and surgical outcomes of the esophagus and its related diseases.

We have a state-of-the art Esophageal Diagnostic Lab in the Center for Esophageal & Gastric Surgery clinic in which we perform both motility (manometry and impedance) and reflux (pH, wireless monitoring, and impedance). Over 1,000 patients are referred to our lab each year, making it one of the highest volume esophageal diagnostic labs in the United States. Many of these patients are further evaluated for surgical intervention at the University of Washington, providing researchers a wealth of data on outcomes of esophageal surgery.

cves-laproscopic-labThe UW Medical Center has more detailed information on the Center for Esophageal Gastric Surgery.

Consistent with the teaching mission of the University of Washington School of Medicine, CVES also provides training to community surgeons on advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques. This is provided through both didactic and hands-on training including simulation at WISH.