Dear UW Department of Surgery Faculty,Oyetunji_Shakirat2

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you all for training me these past 7 years. Those of you who were at the graduation dinner have already heard this but I wanted to make sure that everyone hears it from me. I learned something of value from every single Attending I worked with during my residency, my General surgery Attendings, Trauma surgeons, Vascular surgeons, Transplant surgeons, CT surgeons, Pediatric surgeons, Burn surgeons, Plastic surgeons, including the sporadic cases with the Urology, Orthopedic surgery, Neurosurgery and OB/GYN Attendings.

I am extremely grateful for your patience and tenacity in making sure that I learned everything I needed to learn to be a safe surgeon and I recognize that it was a labor of love. Residency was a life-changing experience and I thank you all for helping shape and mold that experience and it is with gratitude that I craft the signature below.

Lara Oyetunji, MD
General Surgeon
University of Washington General Surgery Residency, 2009-2016