To open June 10 in Seattle; displays to include simulated human body parts, surgical skill-building, instruments

By Brian Donohue  |  HSNewsBeat  |  Updated 8:15 AM, 05.22.2017


A new exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle will showcase UW Medicine surgeons and surgical training techniques at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

The exhibition, “Surgery + Innovation = A Better Way to Operate,” explores innovations that enable surgical teams to perform procedures with less trauma to patients. The exhibit runs June 10 through Dec. 3, 2017.

Museum patrons will be able to explore advances in surgical training and methods and patient care that have improved recoveries, and which may herald a future in which some conditions that once required surgery no longer do.

“Part of what we do every day as surgeons is educate our patients about surgery. To get the chance to reach out to the public to explain what we do, in and out of the operating room, is a wonderful opportunity,” said UW Medicine surgeon Heather Evans (pictured right). “Maybe the exhibit will pique someone’s interest enough to make them consider a career in medicine.” Read more >>