Alver, Naima



Naima Alver, MD

Dr. Naima Alver


Vancouver, Washington

Undergraduate School:

University of Washington

Medical School:

Oregon Health and Science University


I’ve spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest with a few brief periods in which I lived in Colorado. I went to college at the University of Washington where I earned two bachelor’s degrees, a BA in English Literature and a BS in biology. I worked as a research scientist in a regenerative cardiology lab before matriculating into medical school at Oregon Health and Science University. Many of my passion projects outside of medicine involve working with homeless teenagers or those in foster care and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community.

Personal Interests:

I love adventure and being outside! When I have free time I’ll either be rock climbing or trail running. I enjoy cooking and traveling and make a habit of taking cooking classes in every new country I travel to. I also consider myself a hot sauce enthusiastic and even make my own homemade hot sauces.

Clinical Interests:

Heart failure/transplant, aortic surgery, congenital heart surgery

Why UW?

I spent a month as a visiting student at UW and was immediately impressed by how warm and welcoming the culture was. UW created the perfect environment for curiosity, growth, and discovery. It was the only program that had both the volume and prestige I would need to become an excellent cardiothoracic surgeon while also prioritizing wellbeing. It is a place I can call home.

What advice do you have for incoming interns?

As the new intern all I can say is that UW chose you for a reason! Believe in yourself because UW certainly does.

What do you like best about living in Seattle?

I love how Seattle has a little bit of everything! You get the benefits of living in a big city that’s fast paced and bustling with energy, but can also disappear into the woods or the mountains within a few hours.


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