Nina Clark, MD

Dr. Nina Clark



Pinckney, MI

Medical School:

University of California, San Francisco

Resident Bio:

I grew up in a small town in Michigan and went to Cornell for college. After graduating, I worked in clinical research for a few years in San Francisco before going to UCSF for medical school. I bike to work, try to backpack, hike, and trail run as often as possible, and have the best old dog in the world (his name is Walter and he is a very good boy).

Personal Interests:

Trail running, biking, backpacking, and hiking

Clinical Interests:

HPB surgery, outcomes and health services research

Professional Activities:

ACS Resident Member

Why UW?

Broad clinical experience that includes working at a trauma center (Harborview), academic hospital (UW), VA, children’s hospital, and community hospitals in the Seattle area. I knew I was going to apply for 7-year research track programs, so the opportunities for research out of UW Surgery were a huge draw. And as a backpacker and trail runner, it was hard to find a better location to move to.

What advice do you have for incoming interns?

Remember to like your job.
Don’t take yourself too seriously – you will be wrong, learn a ton, have questions, and need to ask for help. All of those things are easier if you’re humble and can laugh at yourself.
Come up with a system for keeping track of things to do – for both daily/patient care tasks and for big picture stuff. Stick to it, and hold yourself accountable to it.

What do you like best about living in Seattle?

I can work a shift in the trauma ICU, leave with enough daylight to drive to the mountain 30min from my house for a trail run, and be back in time to walk my dog before dinner.



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