Dhanekula, Arjune



Arjune Dhanekula, MD



Undergraduate School:

University of Michigan

Medical School:

Wayne State University School of Medicine


I was born outside of Detroit, was fascinated by aging early in life, found cardiac surgery in medical school, and am trying to make a career out of both!

Personal Interests:

I’m an avid runner and guitar player. I’ve long played tennis as well. Outside of that, I love spending time with my fiancee and friends.

Clinical Interests:

Aging biology and aortic surgery

Why UW?

No institution matched the collegiality, clinical excellence, research accumen, and wonderful location of UW.

What advice do you have for incoming interns?

Work hard and build friendships! They’re the only way to get through residency.

What do you like best about living in Seattle?

The outdoors!


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