Alice Liu, MD

Dr. Alice Liu


Castro Valley, CA

Medical School:

Keck School of Medicine of thee University of Southern California

Resident Bio:

Born to immigrant parents from China, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. From a young age, I gravitated toward science, art, and especially anything that combined the two. I carried these interests through college at Berkeley, where I studied music and evolutionary biology, and into medical school. After completing a research year at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles studying pediatric facial reconstruction, I committed to pursuing Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—a specialty whose richness and impact resonated deeply with me.

Personal Interests:

Urban sketching, singing and playing guitar, photography, cooking/feasting, and studying languages.

Clinical Interests:

Craniofacial surgery, pediatric plastic surgery, replantation surgery, determinants of surgical care, language-based inequity in healthcare .

Why UW?

I chose UW because I wanted to be surrounded by open-minded, compassionate problem solvers who care for a diverse set of patients as well as for each other.


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