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The Clinical and Bio-Analytics Transplant Laboratory (CBATL) provides analytical and interpretative expertise that facilitates and validates discoveries with high clinical impact. CBATL is a "think tank" for improving transplant patient care through the multiple modalities of genomic evaluation; data mining of large clinical repositories; Markov microsimulation modeling; experimental design; and statistical analysis for outcomes research.


The Department of Surgery (DOS) is home to a number of research labs, centers, and programs conducting basic science, translational, and clinical research in 10 major cores: Injury, Burn, and Inflammation; Cancer; Reperfusion; Transplant; Device and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials; Vascular Biology; GI Physiology and Metabolism; Simulation and Education; Global Health; and Health Services. The work these groups engage in has grown significantly over the last decade in its complexity and collaborative nature, as demonstrated not only by the number of sites where DOS research is now conducted, but also by the number of other departments throughout the University with whom we have partnered. Once encompassing just a single row of laboratories along the DOS hallway in the Health Sciences Building, our research units are now found at Harborview Medical Center, the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System, the Surgery Pavilion at UW Medical Center, the UW South Lake Union facility, Seattle Children's Hospital, and the University District Building in the heart of the University District. Our collaborators come from a wide variety of disciplines, and include faculty from the UW Departments of Global Health, Mechanical Engineering, Epidemiology, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, the Foster School of Business, and many more.

Research Centers