Mulligan Lab

Mulligan Michael

Michael S. Mulligan, MD

Principal Investigator
Professor, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Director of the Lung Transplant Program and the Advanced Lung Disease Surgery Program





Billiana Hwang, PhD, MPH

Research Scientist






Our multidisciplinary research team aims to merge both basic and clinical research to improve care and outcomes for patients with pulmonary diseases. The Mulligan lab is focused on understanding mechanisms and developing new prevention or treatment strategies in pulmonary diseases by combining basic science with translational research.

Research goals include:

  1. Characterizing the role of toll like receptors in lung ischemia reperfusion injury;
  2. Developing novel therapeutic approaches for prevention of lung ischemia reperfusion injury;
  3. Identifying the regulatory pathways that drive ischemic tolerance.

New directions for research include identification of biomarkers for NSCLC, understanding the pathophysiology of bronchiolitis obliterans and developing potential treatment strategies, and understanding mechanisms that drive lung transplant tolerance and rejection.