Funded Training Programs

The University of Washington is a target–rich environment for resident research, with many clinical investigators across departments and schools to serve as mentors and resources for funding. Some examples of popular, ongoing NIH–funded training programs are below, but there are numerous other opportunities for funding through grants and other mechanisms. We will work with you to find the right fit to accomplish your professional goals.

Trauma and Burns T32 Program
PI: Grant O’Keefe, MD, MPH
Department of Surgery

Cardiovascular Research T32 Program
PI: David A. Dichek, MD
Department of Medicine, Cardiology

Gastroenterology Research T32 Program
PI: John M. Inadomi, MD
Department of Medicine, Gastroenterology

Palliative Care Research
T32 Fellowship Program
PI: J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH
Department of Medicine, Pulmonary and
Critical Care Division

Northern/Pacific Fogarty Global
Health Fellowship
PI: Joseph Zunt, MD, MPH
Department of Global Health

Pediatric Injury Research T32 Program
PI: Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH
Department of Pediatrics

In order to encourage health professionals to pursue careers in biomedical, behavioral, social, and clinical research, the NIH Loan Repayment Program may repay up to $35,000 of qualified student loan debt per year for individuals committing at least two years to conducting qualified research funded by a domestic nonprofit organization or U.S. federal, state, or local government entity. This loan repayment benefit is in addition to institutional salary received during your time in research.