Investigator Profile: Niten Singh, MD, MS

Portrait photo of Dr. Niten SinghNiten Singh, MD, MS

Associate Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery
Director of Limb Preservation Service at Haborview Medical Center

Vascular Trauma
Outcomes of penetrating blunt injuries to extremities. The work started during my time in the military and dealing with combat vascular trauma on two deployments to Iraq.

Blunt aortic injury - Due to the large number of these injuries we see at HMC we have contributed significantly to the literature.

Ruptured AAA
Due to our large experience we have developed a scoring system to predict survival that is now utilized around the country.

Limb Salvage
Since I was in training this has been an area of interest. First identifying factors that were associated bypass graft failure to our recent experience with a creation of a limb preservation team that has decreased the major amputation by 76% at our institution.

Popliteal Entrapment Syndrome
In the military we encountered numerous individuals with this pathology and since I have been at UW we have been able to create a diagnostic and treatment algorithm to correctly identify patients with PAES and treat them effectively.