Investigator Profile: Raymond Tse, MD

Dr. Raymond Tse

Raymond Tse, MD

Associate Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery


Cleft lip and palate affects both appearance and orofacial function. Understanding what we do and the outcomes of treatment are critical to improving the care that we provide. Dr. Tse's research has involved two approaches. The first unites contemporary technology/concepts (i.e. 3D imaging, computer vision, and crowdsourcing) with more traditional science to come up with objective ways to measure esthetic, speech, and functional outcomes. The second involves careful assessment and audit of clinical practices to improve the delivery of care. The ultimate goal is to improve cleft care both locally and worldwide.

Hand and Extremity

Pediatric brachial plexus palsies are a complex clinical problem. They affect nerve, muscle, and bone and outcomes are influenced considerably by growth and development. By critically studying the ways we assess and treat patients and studying clinical outcomes we will improve the care that we provide. By collaborating with multiple specialties we will come up with better solutions.