Investigator Profile: Venu G. Pillarisetty, MD, FACS

Dr. Venu Pillarisetty

Venu G. Pillarisetty, MD, FACS

Professor, Division of General Surgery
Principal Investigator, UW Tumor Immune Microenvironment (TIME) Lab

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TIME logoThe goal of the UW TIME Lab is to develop a precise understanding of the nature of the adaptive immune response to solid tumors, in order to develop effective immunotherapies. While much of our work focuses on pancreatic and colorectal carcinoma, we are particularly interested in shedding light on aspects of tumor biology that reach across many tumor types. Our central goal is to address is how the immunosuppressive microenvironment created by solid tumors can be altered to enable reactivation of endogenous T cell responses. In concert with this work, we are also finding that adoptively transferred T cells (e.g. CAR-T cells) are subject to similar mechanisms of immunosuppression in the TIME.